Nautical Club of Rhodes


The Nautical Club of Rhodes, founded in 1947 located in the city of Rhodes, the island’s northernmost point.

The facilities include:

  • Open 25-meter pool, 8 lanes, specifications FINA.
  • Equipment for speed and backstroke, training boards, kegs, pool timer.
  • Locker rooms for men and women with both in and outdoor showers.
  • Cafeteria

It is also possible to use the sea area around the Nautical Club as it is extremely safe, with mild currents and water temperature 22oC.

Rodos College

The private school “Rodos College” has an indoor heated swimming pool, international standard, measuring 25m x 16m, 6 lanes.

Rodion Pedia School

The private school “Rodion Pedia School” has an indoor heated swimming pool international standard, measuring 25m x 10m, 4 lanes.



The Golf Course is located in Afandou, on the east coast. It is 19 kilometers from Rhodes town and 15 km from the Airport “Diagoras”. The stadium was designed by the golf designer Charantin Donald, has 18 holes, PAR 74, 6,210 kilometers length (Championships tees), 6 PAR 5, 4 PAR 3 and includes:

  • Practice facilities with putting green and chipping area.
  • Green all year. Clubs, carts, caddies and balls for rent.
  • Climatic conditions: sunny, mild climate with temperatures 10-15 °C in winter and in summer 32 °C.

7:30 to 18:00 weekdays and weekends throughout the year
Afandou Beach

Track and Field 


The main installation of the track is in the sports complex Kallipateira.

It features:

  • Track and Field 400 meters, 8 lanes with 135 feet length on straight level towards north and a covered podium seating 2.000, fully accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Equipment for all athletic events, two large throw cages, one in each direction of the wind, javelin lanes on both sides, stipple chase water ditch, 4 putting cycles and 4 pit jumps.
  • Indoor training room 85 meters long with a rubber floor, 4 speed lanes and a pit jump.
  • Gym with strength training equipment, changing rooms, WC, WC for disabled persons and a surgery.
  • Asphalt path length of 1.000 meters for long distance running.
  • Discus cage and putting circles for training, 5 speed open air lane length of 120 meters.
  • Athletics is also located in the Municipal Region of Kamiros on the forested site of St Silas (Agios Soulas), 30 km from Rhodes town. It features:
  • Track and Field 400m and 8 lanes.
  • Two pit jumps, with all the equipment for racing and training.
  • Changing rooms, showers, WC and lighting for evening games and workouts.

There is also Track and Field on the Diagoras Municipal Stadium of Rhodes town.



In 1930 a Cycling Track was built by the Italians, Municipal Stadium of Rhodes “Diagoras”. Cycling track 430 meters, with concrete floor 8 meters wide.

For cycling trails are ideal in the southern part of the island. There are asphalt paved good routes and a wide variety of slopes.

One of these is the in Agios Soulas, Soroni village of Municipal Region of Kamiros on the east coast, 30 kms from the city of Rhodes.

For organized cycling tours please contact:

RodosCycling, mr Zois Drivas, contact number: 00306946572621



Canoeing- kayaking can be enjoyed in the marine area of Rhodes Town and Lake Apollakia in Municipal Region of South Rhodes, length 1,750 meters and width 200 meters. The Nautical Club of Rhodes has vessels of various types for training. There is provision for configuration of the installation on Gadoura dam, which has a length of 5 km and 3 km wide. The main installation of the Nautical Club of Rhodes has:

  • Changing rooms, showers, WC, gym, storage, staff for repairing, ramp for entering the water.
  • Venues for meetings with telephone and internet access.
  • 25 meter pool, 8 lanes, locker rooms, showers and a cafeteria.



In Rhodes there are several major football teams of which the most distinguished is “Diagoras”. The stadium “Diagoras” is an organized football pitch built in 1930 by the Italian authorities and was named «Arena del Sole». Located in Rhodes town, 1 kilometer from the center. The facility has:

  • stadium with natural grass
  • 2 dressing rooms, showers, WC
  • press room, offices and an Internet connection
  • warehouses, coaching equipment
  • 3500 podium seats
  • lighting for night games.

On the south side of the Stadium there is a natural grass pitch with lighting for night training, 75m x 45m with. Stadiums with natural grass have also Municipal Region of Kallithea, the Municipal Region of Ialysos (Oikonomideio Ialysos), the Municipal Region of Petaloudes (Maritsa, Paradeisi), the Municipal Region of Afandou, the Municipal Region of Archangelos and the Municipal Region of Ataviros (Embonas).

Stadium with artificial turf have the Ilioupolis area, the Sports Center “Kallipateira” the City of Rhodes, in the villages Koskinou Psinthos, Kalithies, the Municipal Region of Afandou and the Municipal Region of Butterflies (Kremasti).




The indoor hall Venetoklio in the city of Rhodes is a well organized basketball facility that has:

  • Wooden flooring 32m x 20m
  • Training equipment
  • Changing rooms, WC, showers
  • Podium seats 1300
  • A platform for journalists and a kiosk

In the city of Rhodes is also the indoor court of Diagoras which has a wooden floor. Indoor basketball courts are located at the Municipal Region of Ialysos and the Municipal Region of Petaloudes (Kremasti) which have wooden floors, training equipment and training rooms.

Volleyball and Beach Volleyball


At the sport center Kallipateira courts of international standard built in 2007 modern training equipment, showers, storage, tents, changing rooms and 300 podium seats. Courts have also the villages Kremasti and Kiotari.

Organized courts have also indoor hall of Ialysos, indoor hall of Kremasti, the indoor hall Diagoras and Venetokleio hall. All have wooden flooring, changing rooms, WC and a canteen.



For archery are modern, high quality equipment and facilities suitable to host coaching camps and preparing each level.

The amenity of Open Space is located in Fitorio on the east side of the island. It has dimension 120m x 85m, targets Danage (FITA), modern chronometer- open space and ancillary equipment. It is on north direction, it is fenced and secure and accessible for disabled persons.

Smaller amenity of open space exists in Kallipateira Sports Center, which is available for short distances in the direction north-south, 50 meters and east-west 70 meters.

For the distance of 18 meters there is a small gym for Scouts.

Open archery fields exist in Afandou, in Koskinou, in Embona and in Kiotari.



The shooting range is in the area west of the Rhodes City, Mazefia Afandou and includes five pitches towards the north, the standard ISSF Olympic events Skeet and Trap, non-Olympic Sporting Compact, English Sporting and America Trap with electromechanical equipment Lapotre, can offer free arms, and assistant coach. It has a bar and WC.

Shooting Airguns

Located in the city of Rhodes it is accessible for disabled persons, includes modern and electromechanical equipment of international standard objectives RICA Austria 12 seats, electronic performance measuring system, ample space for athletes, spectators’ space, excellent lighting, air conditioning, storage, WC and WC for disabled.

Practical Shooting

Kalamonas, located in the east coast, at the Municipal Region of Petaloudes and includes:

  • 12 fields and practice shooting equipment.
  • Scope of 50m and a 25 meter field with conventional equipment target systems.

Judo, Tae Kwon Do and Jiu Jitsu


For the workouts there are four gyms in the island, the indoor Hall of Municipal Region of Ialysos, the indoor Hall of the city of Rhodes: the indoor Hall “Diagoras” and Venetoklio.

For Tae Kwon Do there are two Halls with basic specifications suitable for training.


11The riding club “Cadmus” has its own facilities in Asgourou total area of 12 acres. Includes:

  • Track dimensions 60mx80m and can accommodate events for the Grand Prix show jumping events and Dressage.
  • Field 20mx40m.
  • Smaller field 300sqm for courses with Pony.
  • Covered area 900 square meters where there are 35 BOX according to specifications, Saddle cabinets, bathrooms, WC, shower, storage for hay and feed and bedding for the horses.
  • Building for recreation, dining, rest rooms for visitors and athletes and accommodation facilities.



The Rhodian Tennis Club has since 1948 great success in Rhodes. The main facility is at the Sports Center Kallipatira. It features:

  • 5 courts floor of Green Set Tennis Life Cushion System.
  • 3 ceramics courts with lighting for night games.
  • Locker rooms, WC, Restaurant.

Elli, in the center of Rhodes there are two tennis courts with laminate floors available for workouts.

Courts exists also in Soroni, in Ialysos and in Kremasti.

Table Tennis


Includes 10 tables Joola Rolomat approved by ITTF, dividers, tables for judges and scoreboards.

There are four gyms offered for preparation, training and racing. The gyms that can fit 10 tables, with wooden floors, good lighting, air conditioning, changing rooms, canteen, accessible for the disabled.

The Indoor Hall in the Municipal Region of Ialysos, the indoor Hall of Municipal Region of Butterflies-Kremasti, Diagoras and Venetoklio.

Source: Rhodes Tourism Promotion Organization

The photographs were granted from the personal archives of Mr Takis Michailidis.

Contact for information

For general information:

Municipal Organization of Culture and Sport Rhodes (D.O.P.A.R.)

Sports: For all sports
3 Diagoridon, Rhodes 85100, Greece
08:00-15:00 daily- except weekends (All year)
00302241036090, 0032241036083

Rhodian Island Games Organization

Supervisor: Takis Michailidis
Sports: For all sports
14, Eleftheriou Venizelou, Rhodian Mansion, Rhodes 85100, Greece
09:00 – 15:00 every day- except weekends

Main Sports Centers

Nautical Club of Rhodes

Sports: Swimming, Sailing, Windsurfing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Triathlon
9, Kountourioti Square, Rhodes 85100, Greece
09:00-21:00 daily and on weekends (May to September)
00302241038043, 00302241023287

Sports Center “Kallipatira”

Rhodes-Kalithea Avenue, Korakonero, Rhodes 85100, Greece

Sports: Athletics, Judo, Beach Volley, Basketball, Football, Archery
08:00-21:00 daily and on weekends (All year)

Sports: Tennis, Table Tennis
13:00-21:00 daily throughout the year except Sunday

Stavroula Genimanoli

Indoor Hall “Venetoklio”

Sports: Volley, Basketball
Theotokopoulou 6, Rodos 851 00
7:00 to 23:00 daily throughout the year and weekends in the season

Rhodian Tennis Club (R.O.A.)

Elli area, Rhodes 85100, Greece

Municipal Stadium of Rhodes “Diagoras”

Sports: Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Cycling, Indoor Games, Power Gym, Judo
1, Vyronos, Rhodes 85100, Greece
07:00-22:00 daily throughout the year
Weekends: Football

Municipal Sports Center Ag. Apostoli

Sports: Football
Ag. Apostoli, Rhodes 85100, Greece
10:00-21:00 daily throughout the year
Weekends: Football

Private School “Rhodes College”

Sports: Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Martial Arts, Dance, Athletics, Football, Cycling
10th km Rhodes-Lindos, Rhodes 85100, Greece
07:00 – 23:00 daily and weekends

Private School “Rodion Pedia”

Sports: Swimming, Basketball, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Soccer
Elias Venezis, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Mondy to Friday 15:00 – 22:00
Saturday 09:30 – 14:30
00302241001400 internal 8

Triathlon Club

Managers Association

Nick Chatzinikolas 00302241033330
John Mastrosavvakis 00302241021666
Costas Chatzinikolas 00302241072914

Walking Routes

Municipal Region of Archangelos

Sports: Football
Archangelos, Rhodes 85102, Greece
by arrangement

Municipal Region of Atavyros

Available facilities (Embonas): Soccer, Cycling Routes, Mountain Cycling, Archery


Kyriazis Misodoulakis
Embonas, Rhodes 85108, Greece
7:00 to 15:00 every day except weekends
00306973 058416

Municipal Region of Afandou

Facilities: Municipal Golf of Afandou, Archipolis Football, Swimming Offshore
Information: D.O.P.A.R.
3 Diagoridon, Rhodes 85100, Greece
08:00-15:00 daily except weekends (All year)
00302241036090, 00302241036083

Municipal Region of Ialysos

Ikonomideio Municipal Stadium and Arena of Ialysos

Sports: Gymnastics, soccer
Installation Features: Fitness, 5×5, changing rooms, canteen, and platform 300 seats.
Filerimos Ialysos, 85101 Ialysos Rhodes, Greece

Mountain bike, Trekking in the hill Filerimos

Information: D.O.P.A.R.
3 Diagoridon, Rhodes 85100, Greece
08:00-15:00 daily except weekends (All year)
00302241036090, 00302241036083

Municipal Region of Kallithea

Facilities: Municipal Golf Kalithea, Koskinou and Psinthos
Information: D.O.P.A.R.
3 Diagoridon, Rhodes 85100, Greece
08:00-15:00 daily except weekends (All year)
00302241036090, 00302241036083

Municipal Region of Kamiros

Sports: Bike trails, mountain biking, Football, Athletics, Tennis
Facilities: Municipal Stadium “First John” Saint Soulas. The tennis facilities are in Agios Soulas

Athletic Association “Efklis” Soroni

Soroni, Rhodes 85106, Greece
by arrangement (at least two days before)

Michael Tomazos ·         Football

·         Track and field

Michael Thomatos ·         tennis 00306973227407
Dimitris Koutsoudakis ·         bike paths 00306974994805


Municipal Region of Lindos

Sports: Bike trails, mountain biking, swimming Offshore, Football
Facilities: Lindos Municipal Stadium (football, basketball), baskets (soccer, tennis, gym), Lardos (football 5×5), Pilona (soccer, tennis 5×5)


Lindos, Rhodes 85107, Greece
7:00 to 15:00

Municipal Region of South Rhodes


  • Kiotari: Open Sea Swimming, Archery, Beach Volley
  • Apollakia: Canoe-Kayak (level), mountain biking
  • Gennadi: Bike Paths, Beach Soccer, Cycling, Swimming Open Sea Sailing
  • Vati: Municipal Football Stadium
  • Plymiri: offshore swimming
  • Prasonisi: Windsurfing


Kostas Katsaros
Ydra 5, Rhodes 85100, Greece
08:00-15:00 daily except weekends

Municipal Region of Petaloudes

Available facilities:

  • Kremasti: Windsurfing Civic Centre, Beach Volley, Tennis, Indoor Hall Basketball, Volley, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Table Tennis Maritsa: Municipal Football Stadium
  • Paradisi: Municipal Football Stadium
  • Kalamonas: Municipal Shooting Range Shooting (25×50 feet, hands)

Information: D.O.P.A.R.
3 Diagoridon, Rhodes 85100, Greece
08:00-15:00 daily except weekends (All year)
00302241036090, 00302241036083

Municipality of Petaloudes

51 Eleftherias Avenue, Rhodes 85104, Greece
by arrangement