Ceremony Venues

Rhodes City

The modern city of Rhodes is one of the biggest municipalities in the Greek islands. It is the financial and the cultural center of the South-Eastern Aegean, and successfully combines a lively present with a rich historical past. There are many reasons why Rhodes is one of the most popular resorts in Mediterranean: the natural surroundings with crystal clear seas, many parks and recreational facilities, the bright sun and the warm hospitality of the islanders themselves.
The city has an excellent tourist substructure and offers a wide variety of entertaiment , night life, sports, cultural events and daily trips to the wonderful neighboring islands.
The visitors have the opportunity to learn something of the eventful history of the city, visit the museums or go sightseeing.

The ceremony takes place in the

Square of Antinavarchou P. Ioannidi.

-Acropoleos str, on St. Stefanos hill (Monte Smith).

-Rodini   park including courtyard.

-Rodian  Mansion including courtyard following technical tasks.

-Aquarium  courtyard.


-Town Hall’s central entrance staircase.

Contact info:

Address: Rhodes Town Hall, Rhodes 85131, Greece
Tel: 0030 22413 61230
Person In Charge: Valeriou Komissa
E-mail: kvaleriou@rhodes.gr


Ialysos (or Trianta), the city of the amazing sunsets, culture and sports. It is one of three great ancient cities of Rhodes, which together with Lindos and Kamiros made up the Rhodian Three-City province. Today, the municipality of Ialysos is a popular cosmopolitan resort. The modern hotel units of Ixia and Trianta receive thousands of guests all the year round -holiday makers, conference goers, and business people. Guests enjoy the sun, sea water sports, beach volley on the organized beaches and many other sports. On the green Hill of Filerimos you can visit the monastery of the Virgin Mary as well as the ruins of the Ancient Acropolis. The neo-classical houses and the Byzantine churches are of special interest.

The ceremony takes place in Filerimos

Contact info:

Address: Ialysos Town Hall, 9-11, Iroon Politechniou, Rhodes 85101, Greece
Tel: 0030 22413 62130-62134
Person In Charge: Koufou Maroulitsa
Email: mkoufou@rhodes.gr


The municipality of Kallithea stretches along Faliraki beach and includes the village of Koskinou, Kalithies and Psintos. Over recent years the region has grown rapidly thanks to tourism. Faliraki, one of the most bustling resorts on the island is famous for its five kilometer- long sandy beach, where you can revel in the bright sun and the blue sea of Rhodes.

The hotels, of all classes, guarantee genuine hospitality, while there are numerous restaurants and bars catering for every kind of night-time entertainment.

Kalithea bay with its Italian springs and amazing diving are just some of the sights that attract large numbers of visitors.

The ceremonies in Kallithea region take place in the following venues:

  • Kallithea Springs & Spa

Contact info:

Address: Kallithea Town Hall, Kallithea Rhodes 85100, Greece
Person In Charge: Papanikolaou Varvara
Tel: 0030 22413 62627
Website: www.kallitheasprings.gr
E-mail: vpapanikolaou@rhodes.gr


Picture-perfect Lindos town has it all-culture, romance, glamour and pure nature.

Combining a compact hillside village of whitewashed houses and a medieval-walled hilltop. Acropolis containing an ancient Greek temple, this exclusive destination overlooks a deep circular bay of aquamarine sea rimmed by a lovely sunny beach.

The village is a maze of streets paved with black and white pebble mosaics, and lined by houses built by wealthy sea captains and ship owners during the 17th and the 18th centuries-white washed villas with elegant stone doorways and small internal courtyards.

The ceremonies in Lindos take place in the following venues:

  • Lindos Town Hall
  • St Paul’s chapel / platform: Saint Paul’s Chapel is perhaps the most picturesque setting of all, this tiny chapel is perched below a cliff in the shadow of the Acropolis of Lindos, next to the turquoise waters of St Paul’s Bay.
  • Vliha Beach, on the seaside in front of hotel Lindian Jewel.

Contact info:

Address: LindosTown Hall, Lindos, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel: 0030 22413 60126
Contant person: Ioanna Pakkidi
E-mail: lindosweddings@rhodes.gr

Afandou Region

The ceremonies in Afandou take place in the following venues:

-Afandou beach

-Kolimbia beach

Contact info:
Tel: 0030 22413 62504
Person in Charge:Paulous Aikaterini
E-mail:  d.afantou@kep.gov.gr /kpavlous@rhodes.gr

Archagelos Region

The ceremonies in Archaggelos take place in the following venues:

Stegna beach

-Petronas area- Stegna

-Agia Agathi beach – Malona

-Haraki beach

Contact info:
Tel: 0030 22443 60245
Person in Charge: Lamprianou Fotini
E-mail: flamprianou@rhodes.gr

Attaviros Region

The ceremonies in Attaviros take place in the following venues:

-Old Town Hall of Embonas

– Municipal Community of Agios Isidoros

– Municipal Community of Kritinia

– Municipal Community of Monolithos

– Municipal Community of Sianna

Contact info:

Tel: 0030 22463 – 60245
Fax: 0030 22440 60132
Person in Charge: Diakoparaskevas Evaggelos
E-mail: ediakoparaskevas@rhodes.gr

Kameiros Region

The ceremonies in Kameiros take place in the following venues:

Neooclassical Building of Municipal Library of Soroni.

Contact info:
Tel: 0030 22413 60913

Person in Charge: Papastergi Maria Loukia
E-mail: mpapastergi@rhodes.gr

Prophet Ilias, Salakos

A place with unsurpassed heritage and effortless gracious Greek hospitality
Set in 170 acres of picturesque countryside with chaotic forests of pine and cypress, nestled on 700 meters altitude of Prophet Elias mountain and remarkably less than an hour away from Rhodes International Airport, «Elafos» hotel is the perfect fairytale location for the most important day of your life.

Wedding Spots:

• Hotel «Elafina», built in 1932, the unique Italian architectural.
• Interior of «Elafos» hotel, warm and hospitality place with an atmosphere of relaxation and serenity.
• Veranda, terrace overlooking the mountain of Prophet Elias and the deep blue sea.
• The forest, offering private moments in stunning green scenery.


Address: Prophet Ilias, Salakos, Rhodes
Management: Elafos Hotel
Phone: 0030 22410 44808
Website: www.elafoshotel.gr
E mail: info@elafoshotel.gr

South Rhodes Region

The ceremonies in South Rhodes take place in the following venues:

-Old moorage of Gennadi

-Location Pano Vrissi in Gennadi

-Water Barriel of Apolakkia

-Location Kalamos in Apolakkia

-Location Fourni in Apolakkia

-Central square – Municipal Community of Apolakkia (Building Kazerma and Park).

-Spiritual Centre of Arnitha

-Location Kato Vrissi  in Arnitha

– Coastline of Asklipio (Kiotari)

-Ex Primary School in Vati

-Central Square of Isrtios

-Spiritual Centre in Istrios.

-Location Stavros in Istrios.

-Water Falls Community of Istrios.

-Coastline Katavia at the positions of Prosonisi, Plimmiri, Mavros Cavos,Saint Marc Pano Gialos.

-Central square of Katavia.

-Traditional Building of Maggana in Lachania.

-Ex Primary School of Mesanagros.

-Spiritual Center of Profilia.

-Water falls in Profilia at the location of Mesa Milos.

Contact info:
Tel: 0030 22443 60328
Person in Charge: Salvari Tsambika
E-mail: tsalvari@rhodes.gr

Petaloudes Region

The ceremonies in Petaloudes take place in the following venues

Loupis area – Hill of Koumouli.

Old windmill of Maritsa.

Valley of Butterflies.

Grove  of Vari (closed to the airport).

Courtyard of the Cultural center of Theologos.

Library of Kremasti.

Contact info:

Tel: 0030 22413-61658
Person in Charge: Helen Kromyda-Piskapa
E-mail: ekromyda@rhodes.gr




1) FULL Birth certificate translated into Greek by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens OR a Greek lawyer who signs as the translator. In case you have the documents translated in you country the translator will have to be an official one and his/her signature will have to be legalized by the Greek embassy.

2) VALID Marriage Licenses issued by your Town Hall translated into Greek (one for each of the spouses) OR.If in your Country they will not issue your License of Marriage from your Registry Office, then you will need to contact the Embassy of your Country in Athens, GREECE. Every License of your Marriage should contain all the personal details of both of you. If in case they will not exist the License of your Marriage, the Marriage will not be able to take place.

VALID Certificates of No Impediment (one for each of the spouses) as long as they clearly state the details of both the bride and the groom (name, surname, marital status, place of residence, occupation, nationality) as well as the place where the proposed wedding will take place (i.e. Rhodes, Greece).

3) Divorce Absolute (if there is previous marriage) translated into Greek or death certificate in case of widow/widower.

4) In case there’s a name or last name change we need the document that states it translated into Greek

5) Residence permit valid on the date of the wedding (for non European Union countries)

6) A. The documents under 1, 2, 3 and 4 have to be legalized with an APOSTILLE issued by the authorities of your country, for those countries that are member States of the Convention of Hague (APOSTILLE), unless the obligation of an APOSTILLE has been omitted by your country (please contact your authorities to find out if an APOSTILLE is needed). The APOSTILLE will also has to be translated into Greek.

  1. For those countries that are not member States of the Convention of Hague (APOSTILLE) and therefore an APOSTILLE is not required, paperwork has to be stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country that has issued the documents and then has to be legalized by the local Greek embassy.

7) Copies of your Passports or IDs for the member States of the Schengen Convention.

You are kindly requested to present to my office two (2) days prior to the wedding date, bringing with you all above ORIGINAL documents, legalized with an APOSTILLE (when necessary) and translated into Greek


1) The cost for the civil marriage is € 70.00, which can be paid in the registry office of Rhodes.

2) The wedding ceremony takes place IN the Town Hall of Rhodes every Wednesday and Friday. If you get married on Wednesday, you have to present yourselves in the registry office the following working day (i.e. Thursday) to sign the papers and have the marriage certificate drawn up. If you get married on Friday, you have to present yourselves in the registry office the following Monday for the signatures.

3) Two adult witnesses, over the age of 18, will have to be present at the wedding ceremony.

4) The day of the wedding the groom should have a flower bouquet and the wedding rings, as well as someone to take pictures.


Thank you so much for choosing to get married in the Town Hall of Rhodes



TEL: 0030 2241361230