Cycling is a popular sport in Rhodes and a cycling track was introduced as early as the 1930’s.

A significant boost for cycling as a sport was granted by the existance of several kms of asphalt road and by the cycling track which was built at the Diagoras Municipal Stadium, in 1930.

Until 1984, the Rhodes cycling track was the only one in Greece , and all the cycling races of the Greek National Chanpionship took place there. For many years, the Greek National Cycling Team consisted mainly of Rhodians, who regularly held the top positions in the National Championships.

Today, cycling is still a prominent sport in Rhodes and there are four cycling clubs with athletes training in all disciplines Rhodian athletes, men and women, participate regularly in national and international competitons, with great success.

The cycling track at the Diagoras Municipal Stadium is of a concrete surface measuring 430m long by 8m wide and is used for training sessions and racing competitions.

The Diagoras Municipal Stadium is only 1km from the city centre of Rhodes .

There are many routes for cycling generally found mainland and in the southern part of the island. These routes on good quality asphalt surfaces, vary in gradients. National and international cycling events are frequently organized in Rhodes.

The natural terrain of the paths and forest roads offers exciting routes for mountain bikes.

In the Municipality of Kameiros, a mountain bike circuit is located in the Agios Sillas area, close to the Soroni Village. The village is approximately 30km from the city of Rhodes . Many mountain bike events have been successfully organized.

Throughout the island, many hotels offer facilities for cycle repairs, washing, and storage. For service, failures and technical problems support is provided by the internationally known racing bicycle manufacturing company, FIDOUSA, which is established in Rhodes .

Major Events
  • From 1996-2003 the International Cycling Tour of Rhodes, written in the UCI World Calendar as category 2/3, took place in Rhodes with the participation of athletes of international calibre, such as Kantselera. National cycling championship events.NatWest Island Games XII Rhodes 2007 ( Greek Mountain Bike Cuo.