You can read the pamphlet «Explore Rhodes» here.

The island of Rhodes is situated in the South Aegean Sea. It is the largest island in the Dodecanese and the fourth in Greece after Crete, Evia and Lesvos (Lesbos). It has a long history, a rich natural environment, beautiful beaches and modern tourist facilities, elements that have for decades made it a one of the most popular tourist destinations both nationally and worldwide.

The island of Rhodes is oblong and has the shape of a spear edge. Located about 460 kilometers southeast of Athens, 380 km west of Cyprus and 18 km southwest of Turkey. Its length is 77 km, width 37 km and total area of 1,401 square kilometers (1,408,749 acres). It has 253 kilometers of coastline. The island can be described as mountainous with the highest mountains the Atavyros (1210 meters), the Artamyti (825 meters) and the Prophet Ilias (800 meters).

The population according to the latest census amounts to 117,007 inhabitants.

The island can be reached both by air or sea.

Rhodes has an International Airport, “Diagoras”, located in Paradisi, 14 km from Rhodes town .

The port of Rhodes fulfills all the specifications to function as a cruise “home port”, thus making the island of Rhodes an entry or exit point for cruises in the Mediterranean

The inhabitants of Rhodes speak except from the Greek language mostly English, and many of them know other languages like German,French , Italian, Spanish, Russian and others.

The official currency is the euro.

Standard Time: UTC / GMT +2 hours
Summer Time: UTC / GMT +3 hours

The weather on the island is clear and sunny all year round. The maximum and minimum temperatures per month are as follow:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
o C Min  10  10  12  15  18  22  27  27  26  22  18  14
o C Max  13  13  16  20  24  28  32  34  30 27  23  17


For more weather information please click here:

The public holidays for 2018 are:

  • January 1 The New Years Day
  • January 6 The Epiphany
  • February 27 The Beginning of the Lent
  • March 7 The National Day(The Integration of the Dodecanese to Greece)- Parade
  • March 25 The National Day (The Annunciation)- Parade
  • April 06 The Good Friday
  • April 08 The Easter- The Resurrection of Christ
  • May 01 The Labour Day
  • May 28 The Holy Spirit
  • August 15 The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • October 28 The Day of No- Parade
  • November 14 The St. Constantine Hydreos- The Patron Saint of the City
  • December 25 The Christmas Day
  • December 26 The Boxing Day


European Emergency Call Number

Tel: 112

Ministry of Tourism-Directorate for the Dodecanese Island
Rhodes-Tourist Information Office
Tel: 22140 44335-43330
Fax: 22410 26955

The City Of Rhodes Information Office
Tel: 22410 35945- 22410 35240

Medieval city Office
Tel: 22410 74313
Fax: 22410 74313

Tourist Port Office
Tel: 22410 75316
Fax: 22410 70533

Faliraki Office
Tel: 22410 85555
Fax: 22410 85555

Lindos Tourist Information Office
Tel: 22440 31900- 22410 31227


General Secretary Of Commerce
(General complains, advices for reservation problems)

Tourist Police
Tel: 22410 27423- 22410 23329- fax 2241023329

Passport Control – Airport
Tel: 22413 60364

Passport Control – Tourist Port
Tel: 22410 24138

Police Emergency Service
Tel: 100

Emergency Fire Service
Tel: 199 or 22410 23333- 22410 27443- 22410 23807

Forestry Fire Service
Tel: 1591

Hospital of Rhodes
Tel: 22413 60000


Tel: 166 (you can dial it from any card phone without using any card)

Private Hospital- Euromedica
Tel: 22410 45000

Medical Center Krito

Tel: 22410 30020

Traffic Police
Tel: 22410 44131

Animal Welfare
Τηλ: 22410 69476



Archaeological Service of Dodecanese – Rhodes
Τηλ: 22413 65200
Fax: 22410 21954

The city and island of Rhodes offer to the visitor accommodation services affordable for anyone. In modern hotels, the visitor enjoys top-level services. As exceptional as the accommodation are the conference facilities of our city and island, which often host international political, financial and academic meetings.

Find more about your accommodation in Rhodes at the official website of Rhodes Hotel Association:

View also:

Municipality of Rhodes
Department of Tourism
Address: 3, Averof Street, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel: 0030 22410 35240- 22410 35945
Fax: 0030 22410 35315
Ministry of Tourism-Directorate for the Dodecanese Island
Address: 1, Etharhou Makariou Street and Papagou Street, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel: 0030 22410 44330
Information: 171 (applicable inside Greece)
Rhodes Hotel Association Address: 3, Blessa Street, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel:0030 22410 74556, 22410 74555, 22410 70780, 22410 70790
Fax: 0030 22410 74558
Hotel Managers Association
Address: Hotel Atrium- Platinum, Iliados Street, Ialyssos, 85101, Greece
Tel: 22410 44901, 6977 679001
Fax: 22410 44908
Association of Tourist
Rooms-Apartments of the Dodecanese
Address: 88-90 Australia’s Street, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel: 0030 22410 39302
Fax: 0030 22410 21514
The Union of Tourist Family
Accommodations of Rhodes
Address: 69, Stratigou Zisi Street, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel & Fax: 0030 22410 30842
email :
The Union of Tourist Family
Accommodations of Rhodes, Faliraki-Rhodes 
Address: Rhodes-Faliraki Avenue, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel: 0030 22410 87407
Fax: 0030 22410 87447
Tourism Agencies Association Address:14, Karpathou Street, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel: 0030 22410 75724
Fax: 0030 22410 34865
Municipality of Rhodes
Department of Tourism
Address: 3, Averof, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel: 0030 22410 35240- 22410 35945
Fax: 0030 22410 35315
Ministry of Tourism-Directorate for the Dodecanese Island
Rhodes-Tourist Information Office
Address: 1, Ethnarhou Makariou Street and Papagou Street, Rhodes 85100, Greece

Phone center: 0030 22410 44330

Information: 171 (applicable inside Greece)

Tourist Police Address: 1, Ethnarhou Makariou Street and Papagou Street, 85100 Rhodes Greece
Officer in charge: 0030 22410 27423
Complaints: 171 (applicable inside Greece)

Rhodes Hotel Association

Address: 3, Blessa Street, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel: 0030 22410 74556, 22410 74555, 22410 70780,  22410 70790
Fax: 0030 22410 74558

Hotel Managers Association

Address: Hotel Atrium- Platinum, Iliados Street, Ialyssos, 85101, Greece
Telephone number: 22410 44901, 6977 679001
Fax: 22410 44908

Association of Tourist
Rooms-Apartments of the Dodecanese

Address: 88-90 Australia’s Street, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel: 0030 22410 39302
Fax: 0030 22410 21514

The Union of Tourist Family
Accommodations of Rhodes
Address: 69, Stratigou Zisi Street, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel & Fax: 0030 22410 30842

The Union of Tourist Family
Accommodations of Rhodes, Faliraki-Rhodes
Address: Rhodes-Faliraki Avenue, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel: 0030 22410 87407
Fax: 0030 22410 87447

Tourism Agencies Association

Address: 14, Karpathou Street, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel: 0030 22410 34865
Fax: 0030 22410 75724



Rhodes was awarded in 2017 with 25 “Blue Flag”, an international program coordinated by the Greek Society for the Protection of Nature (GSPN).

The “Blue Flag” is an international symbol recognized worldwide environmental quality, which since 1987 is awarded to beaches and marinas that meet the stringent requirements.

Among the total of 32 criteria including bathing water quality, cleanliness, organization, information, safety of bathers and visitors and protect the coastal environment and coastal areas.

The criteria of the international project are summarized in the following categories:

  1. Purity and sea coast (quality of bathing waters, non-rejection in industrial and municipal wastewater, sufficient waste bins, continuous periodic cleaning of the beach).
  2. Organization of the Coast (continuous public information on bathing water quality, action plans to address any marine pollution incident, prohibition of movement of vehicles and motorbikes on the coast, prohibition of camping and adequate sanitary facilities with controlled sewerage systems).
  3. Safety of visitors (trained lifeguards on duty, offering services for people with disabilities).
  4. Protection of nature and environmental awareness (information and instructions printed on the coast of behavior and areas with sensitive natural environment, referring to organizing activities by the manager of the coast).

Most beaches on the island according to the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change (Special Secretariat for Water) have excellent water quality.

In May 2017, the single municipality of Rhodes was awarded a total of 25  “Blue Flag”.  More specifically, the beaches of Rhodes that are awarded the “Blue Flag” for the year 2017 are:

Kiotari 3 /Rodos Princess Beach
Lardos 1 /Lindos Princess Beach
Lardos 3 /Lindian Village
Afantou 2 /Irene Palace & Port Royal
Kolympia /Μικρή Πόλη
Kolympia  /Mythos Beach
Kolympia A- Limanaki /Atlantica Imperial
Ammoudes Faliraki /Rodos Palladium & Elycium Resort
Kavourakia/Aldemar Amilia Mare & Paradise Village
Faliraki- Kastrak i/Grecotel Rhodos Royal
Faliraki 1 /Esperides
Faliraki 2 /Amada Colossos
Faliraki 3 /Esperos Palace
Faliraki  4 /Καλυψώ
Faliraki  5 /Blue Sea
Faliraki  5 /Epsilon
Reni 1 /Sunwing Kallithea Beach
paralia ialisouTrianta Β /Sun Beach Resort
Galouni Kokkinogia /Princess Adriana Resort
Galouni Kokkinogia /Mitsis Rodos Village
Trianta /Electra Palace Resort
Vliha /Lindos Mare & Lindos Blu
Reni Kalathos /Atrium Palace
Lahania /Atrium Prestige
Li /My Pefkos

The City of Rhodes has programmed projects that will change many of the beaches to be accessible for persons with disabilities. The equipment for each beach will include a deck for the movement of the wheel chairs and access for people with disabilities, two amphibious trolleys and specially designed changing room and toilet.

The City of Rhodes will participate as a pilot “operator” on Tsambika beach, Lindos (main beach), Faliraki (main beach), Elli (main beach), Ialyssos main beach and Sunwing beach. The City of Rhodes will be required to place, maintain during use and store winter equipment and will arrange to provide a Lifeguard Supervisor.

Noteworthy are the assistance agencies such as umbrella associations, hotels, various associations, schools and volunteers who assist greatly in this direction.

See the list of the most magnificent beaches

1. Salakos – Monastery of Prophet Elias

2. The Valley of the Butterflies (Museum of Natural History – Holy Monastery Kalopetra)

3. Holy Monastery of Panagia Tsambika

4. Coastal path Rhodes – Kritika (Kato Petres)

5. Ascent to Attaviros

6. Archaeological site of the medieval moat

7. Walk of the walls

8. Ancient Acropolis of Rhodes

9. Hill Filerimos in Ialyssos

10. Kallithea Springs

11. Seven Springs

12. Apolakkia bay

See detailed information for all the above walking routes

Religious tours on the cosmopolitan island of Rhodes

Many of you might have heard the phrase “Rhodes, the crossroad of civilizations”. One can truly experience this if one decides to visit the sacred monuments all over the island, such as churches, mosques and synagogues that have managed to co-exist through out the course of time.

See a list of monuments of religious interest

For the leaflet “The Religious Monuments of Rhodes” press here.

Civil Weddings
The beautiful Rhodes Island offers a variety of romantic settings for civil ceremony weddings, anniversaries, renew vows and a fabulous honeymoon.


The Municipality of Rhodes supports the demand of approximately 1000/per summer season civil wedding ceremonies, with the existence of exclusively civil weddings offices in the Town Hall and the Municipal Regions of the main setting venues in Rhodes City, Kallithea, Ialyssos and Lindos, authorized to issue the wedding Act as required.
Depending on where you want your dream ceremony to take place, click here for information

The fairs of Rhodes are mostly focused on the religious element and tied with religious celebrations. Since the ancient times the Greeks liked to spice up their lives with fairs and festivals.

The fairs in the villages and towns are divided on three parts:

  • First the religious, with the church service and procession of the icon.
  • Second the entertainment, music and dancing.
  • Third the commercial, outdoor bazaars. As in the past at the fairs, people have the opportunity to meet each other, friends and relatives and purchase many items from the bazaars.
Before the fairs were the best chance for the unmarried girls to meet their future husbands. A lot of matchmaking was taking place. A big festival in the village was the highlight of the year, much expected and appreciated by everyone. Still is …

The New Market


In the center of Rhodes, the visitor enjoys shopping in a small but very substantial market that could well be compared to a high quality mall, spread out in one level, by the sea.
With extremely pleasant walk in our market, where the flavors of the sea are mixed magically with jasmine and night flower, one discovers prestigious international brand products (hand made jewellery – silver and gold, luxury clothing, footwear, cosmetics, household items).
It is noteworthy that our market has 40 years tradition in luxury items with strong brand names, while fashionable coffee-shops provide relaxation during the day and night. We should also refer to the products of pottery, one of the oldest art forms of the origin of Aegean islands, are found in souvenirs shops as also the handmade leather sandals made by the artisans on the island.

Commercial Stores

Winter Store Hours
Monday- Tuesday- Thursday- Friday: 09.30-13.30 and 17:00-21:00
Wednesday- Saturday: 09.30-17.30
Winter Sales Period
Monday 16/01 until 28/02
Spring Store Hours
From 01/04
Monday- Tuesday- Thursday- Friday: Free Opening Hours
Wednesday- Saturday: 09.30-20:00
Summer Sales Period
Monday 15/07 until Tuesday 31/08


Most traditional recipes of Rhodes have their roots in Dorian Rhodes, the days when the cereal had a special place in the diet of the Rhodians. The Athenian in his “deipnosofistai” says the Rhodians at the beginning of the dinner brought bread among them the “Escharity” (a cake with olive oil, something like today’s “pancake with honey”), and another bread was called “atavyritis”

In ancient Rhodes, fish soup was particularly favored. The fact that marine products had a very little place in the traditional diet indicates that the recipes were formed during the late medieval and modern times when the shipping in Rhodes declined due to historical circumstances, and turned the island’s inhabitants towards agriculture and animal farming.

One encounters in some of the eating habits of the Rhodians in many Mediterranean regions such as Asia Minor and southern Italy, reflecting the ancient family ties and contacts Rhodes had with them. The cuisine was not only used for the satisfaction of biological needs but to strengthen socio-cultural relations with different people and groups.

Some food has initiatory or religious character, such as recipes for meat, fish and sweets that surround engagements,weddings, baptism and religious holidays such as Easter, Christmas and the Assumption (15th of August).

Given that Rhodes has always been a crossroad of culture so the taste and the nutrition information derives from Asia, Europe and Africa. The basis of Rhodian cuisine was always wheat and olives, while most food items came from island’s farming and fishing.

Today Rhodian culinary delights are based on the delicacies of the sea, salads created by new products such as avocado, arugula and tarragon grown on the island and cooked meats with new modern recipes.


Food – What to Try

Informations of Approaching Marina Mandraki of Rhodes

Informations of Approaching Marina  of Rhodes



Other Bays Worth Visiting:

  • Antony Quinn Bay- Ladiko
  • Kallithea
  • Tsambika
  • Haraki
  • Lindos


For information offices click here

The Cooperative Social Business “ASKLIPIADES” in cooperation with “Rhodes Association of Disabled Persons of Rhodes”, offers services to vulnerable social groups in order to improve their quality of life, to gain their integration and fight their social exclusion, as well as provides support and counseling to families. These services are offered both to residents and foreigners.

“Asklipiades”’ Services:
• Equipment Rental
• Transfer services
• Accessible areas.

Contact info:
“Asklipiades”- Rhodes Association of Disabled persons
Errikou Sliman 1, Rhodes, P.C. : 85100
Tel: 22410 63660 22410 72571
Fax: 22410 33278

Consulate of Austria
Tel.: (0030) 2107257270
Consulate of Belgium
Address: 35, Kos Street, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel: (0030) 22410 97000
Consulate of Denmark
Address: 54, Hotel Alexia, Orfanidou Street, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel: (0030) 22410 28816,
Fax: (0030) 22410 28947
Consulate of Finland
Address: 25, G. Leontos Street, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel : (0030) 22410 35780
Fax:(0030) 22410 78084
Consulate of France
Address: Ippoton Street, Medieval City, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel: (0030) 22410 22318
Fax: (0030) 22410 33362
Consulate of Germany
Address: 55, Amerikis Street, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel: (0030) 22410 37125
Fax: (0030) 22410 36432
Consulate of Italy
Address: Amarantou 12, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel: (0030) 6949829050
Consulate of The Netherlands
Address: Iraklidon Av,Ixia- Rhodes 85101
Tel: (0030) 22410 26281
Fax: (0030) 22410 34663
Consulate of Spain
Address: 11, Amohostou, Street, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel: (0030) 22410 26120, 22410 36189
Fax: (0030) 22410 77680
Consulate of Sweden
Address: 54, Hotel Alexia, Orfanidou Street, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel:  (0030) 22410 28816
Fax: (0030) 22410 28947
Consulate of Switzerland

Address: 108, Georgiou Seferi Street, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel: (0030) 22410 84530



Consulate of Turkey
Address: 10-12, Iroon Polytehneiou Street, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel: (0030) 22410 23362
Fax: (0030) 22410 27472
Vice-Consulate of United Kingdom
Address: 29, Grigoriou Lampraki Street, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel: (0030) 22410 22005
Fax: (0030) 22410 24473
Consulate of Norway
Address: Hotel Alexia, 54, Orfanidou Street, Rhodes 85100, Greece
Tel: (0030) 22410 28816
Consulate of Czech Republic
Address:26 Lohagou Fanouraki Str-85100 Rhodes
Tel: (0030)2241034383- (0030) 2241056268
For further infomation about the Embassies or the Consulates please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Address: 1st Vas. Sofias Av.106 71 Athens, Greece
Telephone: +30 210 368 1000Fax: +30 210 368 1717

Family vacation

Rhodes is the destination that remains in the heart of every child.


Rhodes has a long history in sports. Already from the first Olympic Games of antiquity many Rhodians excelled, famous athletes, such as Olympic champion Diagoras and many of his family members such as Leonidas of Rhodes.

Rhodes now has the facilities and the expertise to host and support major sport events but also the preparation, coaching teams and individual athletes in each category in many sports, whereas now there are: track and field 400 meters and 8 lanes, modern Olympic sailing, laser, indoor halls with wooden flooring, tennis courts with green set, archery facility with modern equipment including chronometer, football fields with natural grass or artificial turf, table tennis equipment, modern clay target shooting and other expertise for the organization of major events.

If you add the ideal weather conditions, the idyllic natural environment, history and culture of the island and the high standard of accommodation with excellent hotel amenities, it is obvious that Rhodes is the perfect place to host major sporting events, but also the preparation and the coaching sport teams and individual athletes.


Water Sports

Strong winds and wavy water conditions makes this the perfect spot for freestylers, racers and Kite surfers. Take this opportunity to learn windsurfing in Rhodes, one of the best windsurfing locations in Europe.

More …

Under construction …

The «Repeaters» Awarding Programme
The Tourism department of the Municipality of Rhodes, under the framework programme rewarding repeater tourists of Rhodes (Repeaters), awards special, honorary distinctions to those tourists that for many years have selected the island of Rhodes as their holiday destination.

The winners are thrilled by the island’s natural beauties, culture and many attractions but also of the local’s hospitality and reinstate their intentions of re-visiting the island the coming years. According to them, Rhodes is a safe and beautiful tourist destination, a message that by their return home, is conveyed to friends, travel agencies, the mass media and even their parliament. Throughout the years, friendships have been grown and they consider the award a great honour and distinction.

It is a fact that these people are considered Goodwill Ambassadors for Greece in these times of difficulty for the country. Their insistence of visiting Rhodes, and this despite of an unfavorable image formed by foreign media for Greece, greatly contributes to the restoration of the true image of Greece. Their years of presence on the island, consolidate bridges of culture and cooperation and create priceless bonds of friendship between people.

Some of the awarded visitors for the years 2012 and 2013, are:

Hotel Africa

From Germany:

Mr Franz-Josef Μuchowski (37 years)

Hotel in Afandou

From Switzerland:

Mrs Anita-Jean Flubacher (98 times)

Hotel Agla

From Great Britain:

Mrs Lee June (58 years)
Mrs Dorre Dawson-Kehoe (33 times)
Mr Matthew and Mrs Ann Grinstead (30 times)
Mr Philip Wright (20 times)
Mr Richard Spouge (20 times)

From Sweden:

Mr Esco and Mrs Pia Kallinen (10 times)
Mrs Cecilia Malmqvist (15 times)
Mr Ronny and Mrs Ann-Christine Schultzer (10 times)
Mr Britt and Mrs Sunne Gustafsson (90 times)

From Denmark:

Mrs Jette Berg (22 times)

From Finland:

Mrs Seija Laakso (10 years)
Mr Mauri and Mrs Elisa Korka (10 times)
Mrs Ritva Titakoski (15 times)

From Norway:

Mr Lyche and Mrs Inger Baastad (15 years)
Mr Odvald Stensland (30 times)
Mr Willy and Mrs Esthe Visser-Dietecher (12 times)

From Netherland:

Mrs Nina Rambol (10 times)

Hotel Alea

From Sweden:

Mr and Mrs Ulf Nilson (45 times)

Hotel Alexia

From Great Britain:

Family Fred Wartburton (25 times)
Family James Mc Kenna (12 times)

Hotel Anastasias Gardens in Archangelos

From Germany:

Mr Christoph and Mrs Ursula Densch-Schick (25 years)

Hotel Athineon

From Finland:

Mrs Marja Klocke (10 times)

Hotel Avra Beach

From Germany:

Mrs Gisela Bongers (10 years)
Mrs Doris Gehm (55 times)
Mr Petrus Ackerrmans (12 times)
Mrs Maria Buusrtee (10 times)
Mrs Angelika Foerster (24 times)

From Austria:

Mrs Katharina Trapichler (10 years)
Mrs Isle Votsch (29 years)

Hotel Belair

From Norway:

Mr Egil and Mrs Martha Joa (70 times)

Hotel Belvedere

From Great Britain:

Family Johnson (10 times)

Hotel Blue Sky

From Great Britain:

Mr Graham-John Loyd and Mrs Janet-Cecilia Loyd (12 times)

From Netherland:

Mr Leonard and Mrs Hendricus Kies-De Bar (every year since 1992)
Mr Hermine and Mrs Catharina Van Den Wittenboer (every year since 1988)

Hotel Cactus

From Norway:

Mrs Irene Andersen (over 20 times)
Mrs Marit Bjerkasholmen (15 times)
Mr Jorun and Mrs Ann Hoelm (35 times)

Hotel Camari Beach

From Germany:

Mr Gerd and Mrs Detlef Honnicke (since 1992 2 times a year)

Hotel Casa Antica

From Austria:

Mr Hans Reisinger (50 times)

Hotel Debby Apartments

From Netherland:

Mrs and Mrs Matthewes Kopmmels (24 times)
Mr Gerit Jan and Mrs Arentje Mulder (15 years)
Mrs Jansje Mulder (15 years)
Mr Jeannet Mulder (15 years)
Mr Hohannes and Mrs Sylvia Van Blanken (14 times)

Hotel Dionysos

From Netherland:

Mr Ronald and Mrs Irma Becer-Pruim (15 times)

Hotel Domus

From Great Britain:

Mrs Jeane Weller (since 1989 once or twice a year)

Hotel Elysium

From Austria:

Mr Hans-Peter and Mrs Doris Schiller (10 times)

Furniture Apartments in Haraki

From Sweden:

Family Larisa, Elisabet and Ryzard Kowalczyk (26 times)

Hotel Epsilon

From Sweden:

Mrs Conny Carlberg (50 times)

Hotel Esperia

From Great Britain:

Mr and Mrs Rauland Hancorn (20 times)

From Netherland:

Mrs Caroline Assies (35 times)

Hotel Esperides Beach

From Great Britain:

Mr Jean and Mrs Akeb Read (14 times)

From Germany:

Mr Frank and Mrs Margarit Kremer (28 years)

From Austria:

Mr Johann and Mrs Christine Hirtl (19 times)

Hotel Europa

From Netherland:

Mr Casper-Daniel Van Der Bos (15 times)
Mr Coen Lammers (15 times)

Hotel Grand Hotel

From Netherland:

Mr and Mrs Bol Pieter (11 times)

Hotel Golden Odyssey

From Netherland:

Family Smeets (14 times)

Hotel Helena

From Norway:

Mr Svein-Egil and Mrs Eli Moum (48 times)

Furniture Apartments in Ialysos

From Poland:

Mrs Bojanzyk Katarzyna, translator- writer (several times)
Mrs Barbara Grzegorzewska

Hotel Ibiscus

From Italy:

Mr Raffaele and Mrs Allessandra Fedroni– Magistri (21 years)

From Sweden:

Mrs Barbro Jansson (30 years)
Mrs Ingalill Jansson (30 years)

Hotel Ilyssion Pefkos

From Great Britain:

Mr Clive and Mrs Sue Garrard (20 years)
Mr James Mc Kenna and Mrs Agnes Boyle (12 years)
Mrs Felicity Coxon (18 times)
Mrs Patricia Baker (16 years)
Mrs Barbara Myers (16 years)
Mr Ian Paget (30 years)
Mr William and Mrs Valerie Elder (14 years)
Mr Melvyn Lawrence (20 times)

From Germany:

Mr Lutz and Mrs Regina Lange (11 times)
Mrs Angelika Pamer (16 times)

Hotel Irene Palace

From Austria:

Mr Peter Panhuber (25 times)
Mr and Mrs Herbert Leimer (20 times)
Mrs Sonja Hackl (20 times)

From Netherland:

Mr Bernadus and Mrs Tatiana Willem-Efrenova (10 times)

Hotel Kalithea Mare

From Germany:

Mr Falko and Mrs Centa Seeholzer (10 times)

Hotel Kassandra

From Great Britain:

Mr Kevin and Mrs Dawn Morrison (10 times)
Mr Stan and Mrs Janice Bradder (12 times)
Family Milligan (10 times)

From Netherland:

Family Van Leeuwen (10 times)
Family Ellen Hoefmann (10 times)
Family Roy Gelenunse (12 times)

Hotel Kremasti Memories

From Austria:

Mrs Brigitte Strobl (12 times)

Hotel Kresten Palace

From Austria:

Mrs Eleonore Wolft (12 times)
Mr Gerhard Schalle (11 times)

Hotel La Marquise

From Germany:

Mr and Mrs Schutt-Kratz (18 times)

Hotel Lydia

From Cyprus:

Family Triphonas and Eftichia Theocharous (since 1993 every year)

Hotel Mediterranean

From Germany:

Mr Dr E. Mennier (since 1965 35 times)

Hotel Niki

From Belgium:

Mr Jan Hebbelinck (29 times)
Mr Stefan Devos (29 times)

Hotel Orion

From Slovenia:

Family Andrej Cercek (10 times)

Furniture Apartments in Paradisi

From Great Britain:

Mrs Katerina Pick (50 times)

Hotel Pefkos

From Great Britain:

Mr Charles and Mrs Janet Peet (17 times)

Hotel Pegasos

From Austria:

Mr Kurt and Mrs Tamala Homola (33 years)

Hotel Port Royal

From Germany:

Mr Heinz Nestler (he came in 2012 for the first time at the age of 96)

Hotel Relax

From Germany:

Mr Jorg and Mrs Heidi Orthmann (12 times)
Mrs Hanna Ortmann (12 times)
Mr Alexandros and Mrs Inge Hoerdtmann (10 times)
Mr Ralf and Mrs Regina Aust (10 times)
Mr Peter and Mrs Claudia Mayer (12 times)
Mrs Maria Heinz (12 times)
Mr Harald and Mrs Helga Bollenbacher (15 times)
Mr Wolfgang and Mrs Sonja Schrader (15 times)
Mrs Sybille Kress (13 times)
Mr Wolfgang and Mrs Ute Tannigel (12 times)
Mr Klaus and Mrs Marita Schlippes-Evertz (15 times)
Mr Hans and Mrs Heidemarie Fieber (10 times)
Mr Diter and Mrs Ulrike Schroeder (13 times)
Mr Andreas and Mrs Sylvia Mueller (10 times)
Mr Werner and Mrs Karin Pirc (10 times)
Mr Klaus and Mrs Karin Kleppek (14 times)
Mrs Brigitte Heitger (15 times)
Mr Peter Raab (12 times)
Mr Juergen and Mrs Elsbath Flemming (18 times)
Mr Peter and Mrs Ingrid Phillips (12 times)
Mr Haraland and Mrs Ingrid Foestl (15 times)
Mr Gerhard and Mrs Gudrun Kazmierczak (12 times)

From Austria:

Mrs Maria Schobesberger (10 times)
Mr Josef and Mrs Margit Windbacher (15 times)
Mr Johannes and Mrs Edith Mul (10 times)

Hotel Rhodian Gallery

From Finland:

Mrs Irja Byholm (30 times)

Hotel Rhodos Royal

From Great Britain:

Family Irons (20 times)
Family Leonard Ellis (10 times)

From Germany:

Family Vahlenkamp (10 times)
Family Johannes Wieczorek (10 times)
Family Knoch (10 times)

From Austria:

Mr and Mrs Eibl (20 years)
Mr and Mrs Lechner (13 times)

From Luxemburg:

Mr and Mrs Scheuren (10 years)
Mrs Jodocy Schmitz (for many years twice a year)

Hotel Rodos Palace

From Great Britain:

Family Frances Loss (15 times)

Hotel in Rhodes

From Switzerland:

Mr Marcel Klouser (36 times)

Hotel Rodos Princess

From Germany:

Mr and Mrs Uwe Drinkuth (11 times)
Mr and Mrs Philipp Buse (20 times)
Mr and Mrs Georg-Lothar Huebner (15 times)
Mr and Mrs Josef Knaup (13 times)
Mr and Mrs Hans-Joachim Kerner (10 times)
Mr and Mrs Friedrich Meyer (20 times)
Mr and Mrs Joerg Langhof (10 times)
Mr and Mrs Dr Christian Laurisch (10 times)
Mr and Mrs Gerhard Billard (10 times)
Mr and Mrs Andreas Bueck (15 times)
Mr and Mrs Diter Diegert (12 times)
Mr and Mrs Rainer Christiansen (10 times)
Mr and Mrs Peter-Josef Tradel (17 times)
Mr and Mrs Peter-Josef Zenner (16 times)
Mr and Mrs Peter-Arthur Pradel (13 times)
Mr and Mrs Franz Pohl (13 times)
Mr and Mrs Werner Segebarth (16 times)
Mrs Erika Stenbach (10 times)
Mr and Mrs Klaus Swenke (21 times)
Mr and Mrs Erika Staudinger (20 times)
Mr and Mrs Johannes Toelle (16 times)
Mr and Mrs Volker Detlef Von Der Heyde (10 times)
Mr and Mrs Rainer Miebach (10 times)
Mrs Heidrun Fischer (10 times)
Mr and Mrs Horst Fuestenau (16 times)

From Austria:

Mr and Mrs Friedrich Strasser (10 times)
Mr and Mrs Dr Winfried Sperling (10 times)
Mr Johann and Mrs Evelyne Brunner (17 times)

From Italy:

Mr and Mrs Raffaelle Pedroni (10 times)

From Belgium:

Mr and Mrs Rocourt Thierry (10 times)
Mr and Mrs Segers Norbert (10 times)
Mr and Mrs Patrick Turk (10 times)
Mr and Mrs Willy Kerremans (12 times)

From Switzerland:

Mr Ott Honegger and Mrs Susann Annelies (13 times)
Mr and Mrs Hans Joerg Schlatter (15 times)
Mrs Annette Christen (12 times)

Hotel Sheraton

From Greece:

Family Ioannis Moraitis (10 times)

Hotel Sirene

From Denmark:

Mr Arne Clausen (20 years)
Mrs Anni Wolf (20 years)
Mrs Tina Vetelainen (18 years)

Hotel Stergios in Stegna

From Germany:

Mr Martin and Mrs Sabine Ruppenthal– Schwenzer (10 times)

Hotel Sun Βeach

From Great Britain:

Mrs Sheila Houghton (25 times)

Hotel Tsabika Sun

From Germany:

Mr Rudi and Mrs Evi Scholtz (10 times)
Mr and Mrs Thomas Gruendei (10 times)
Mr Erich and Mrs Jutta Schipper (10 times)

From Netherland:

Mrs Van Wyk-Siegersma (10 times)

From Belgium:

Mr Jean-Pierre and Mrs Najat Bertin-Salhi (12 times)

From Czech:

Mr Jaroslav and Mrs Katerina Slipka (12 times)
Mr Jaroslav and Mrs Yvona Sima (12 times)

Hotel Vouras in Kalavarda

From Germany:

Mr Heinz and Mrs Gudrun Lichtenberg (50 times)

Translation by: Sofia Triortou, Veatriki Servou

Leonardo Lifelong Learning – So.To Programme

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